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Israeli Supreme Court decisions and other courts decisions

This is a quick guide  to finding Israeli Supreme Court Hebrew decisions

this database contains a Hebrew language decisions of all Israeli Courts system, including the Israel Supreme Court , all District courts and Magistrate (“Peace”) courts, in the country.

if you know Hebrew then simply choose “Hebrew” language button on top left of the page and you will be directed to the Hebrew section of the search page.

if you are not familiar with the Hebrew language but still want to find an Israeli verdicts or decisions , then we suggest you translate the search term you are looking for, into Hebrew. Then copy the translated term into the “Boolean search” input box.  (you may also choose some other search criteria like: court name, dates, number of pages etc.)

Then click on “search”.

you will get a list of matching verdicts of which you can choose the verdicts that you need.

if you want to read the actual verdict in Hebrew language – you will need to change the language preferences on top left of your page into Hebrew.

then you may copy the Hebrew script and translate it into your preferred language.

other English language resources for Israeli court decisions

If you already know the name or citation of the opinion you are looking for, use any of the databases listed in the first box below to try to locate an English-language version of the text of the opinion.

You can also do a research to find additional Israeli Supreme Court decisions on your Subject or try to consult English speaking lawyers in Israel.

 The resources listed in the second box below can be used to find English analysis of the court’s verdict, which will generally include case names and citations.

For general information about Israeli legal research, see  Foreign Law Guide: Israel .  The Foreign Law Guide provides specific information about finding Israeli Supreme Court decisions its Israeli Court Reports .  

 “Israeli judgments and decisions of courts and tribunals in English would represent only the smallest tip of the iceberg.”  However, this page does provide a number of options to try, and also provides information about where to find opinions in Hebrew.


israeli supreme court decisions

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